Looking for Tight Rope doujinshi

Hi! Nice to meet you! I joined to this community hoping to find someone who can help me. I have a friend who loves 1x2 and 2x1 yaoi from Gundam Wing, I watched GW 10 years ago and I was totally in love with Heero and Duo, however as time went by I started with other fandoms. I joined here because I wanted to know if someone could help me to find a HeeroxDuo doujinshi is called Tight Rope from the authors ZUMI SHIINA y KAZUMI YAMABUKI  1997.

You can see the doujinshi in this hentai site  (But it's not from download):

I'm looking for that doujinshi. Does somebody know where can I find it or if it has an English translation? My friend has an English translation, but she found that doujinshi so many years ago that she isn't sure of it. So please can somebody help me? I would be really grateful.
I'll Carry You


I'm hoping this is okay - it's for an important cause.

I'm offering fiction for auction at help_japan, so please bid if you can!

Let us help Japan!

Here is my auction:

I'm leaving it as a raw link so you can easily copy and paste it - tell anyone who enjoys my fandoms!

I am offering: One-Shot fanfiction of at least 500 words - more as the bid increases. Mature themes available if desired. Gen or romance.


Hikaru no Go (Best at AkiHika and WayaSumi)
Gundam Wing (Best at Duo/Heero and Trowa/Quatre)
Fairy Tail (Best at Gray/Natsu)

Additional Info: Feel free to contact me, and I'm pretty flexible, so I may be able to write something other than what I've listed. However, I will not write non-con and probably will deny dub-con requests, as well. Any other requests should be acceptable.
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GW Duo Heero LOVE

[FF]Time will never conquer us (Heero/Duo)

Time will never conquer us
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Heero/Duo (Sr.), past Duo (Sr.)/Hilde
Warnings: some slight angst, probably some OOC (sorry ^^;), no beta
Word Count: 3.446
Summary: “I can’t help but think that this is like a second chance.”
Important Author’s Note: This is very loosely based on the new Novel 'Frozen Teardrops'. I say very loosely because I know next to nothing about it (just the very basics) and frankly, I don’t care about knowing more. I didn’t think I would be inspired to write something for it, but after showing sharona1x2 this picture, she made a comment that just ate itself into my brain and spawned a bunny. So, here we are XD That said, there will probably be a lot of things that wouldn’t be possible in that timeline and/or that are just wrong. Duo Sr. is about 40 in this fic, which means there is a 23 year difference between him and Heero, be warned(I made Heero 17 since I don’t know when exactly he was frozen). I’m sure Duo is older in the actual novel, but I really don’t want him any older, so there. It’s fanfic, it doesn’t have to be accurate after all :P Also, I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I saw some pics where Duo has short hair and that works in my favor for this fic, so he has cut off his hair.
For: This ff is for sharona1x2 since a) she spawned that bunny and therefore managed to finally get my writing muse running again (hopefully it will stay like this^^;) and b) it was her birthday yesterday and I’ll count this as a birthday present one day late >.> *hugs her*

Time will never conquer us
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[PIC] MoR 1st Prize Illustration - Undercover at the Wolf's Den

This is the first place prize for this year's Moments of Rapture contest. I guess because I didn't enter this year opened up the chance to do the winning artwork. For those of you that don't know, MoR is the popular vote fanfic contest that Sharon runs on her lovely site of the same name. This year's theme was Fandom Cliches, and here is is an illustration for the winning fic, Undercover at the Wolf's Den, by hllygrl23.

As an aside, this was the first picture I ever did in SAI, so it was also partly a learning process. Now that I've gotten the hang of it a bit more, I can't wait to try another one :)

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[FIC] The Forsaken 27/??

OH SHIT SON!! Finally got some more fic done. I blame this new laptop and the fact that I can work on fic pretty much anywhere instead of being chained to my desk. Man, I meant to work on commissions today but ended up doing fic and WoWing instead. I guess that's something? Idk.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy.

Title: The Forsaken

 Author: Link Worshiper

Pairings: 1=2, maybe some others if I feel like it

Rating: PG-13

Stuff:</span> Fantasy AU, fluff, sap, language, adventure, WoW nerdiness

Disclaimer: I own Gundam Wing action figures? Warcraft and its lore belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. Both things are being played with out of fangirl love.


Thanks to momentsdrift and natea21 for the once over. Despite the fact this is part of Natea’s birthday present, I still needed her to fill me in on the Alliance history they don’t teach us on Horde, so thanks for that also =P 


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If you need to catch up on this story, you can do so on under my name in the fanfiction section.

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ficlet: the Devil is in the Details

"Duo, you don't think using your parachute canopy as a backdrop was a little over the top?"

"Nope. Just some extra meticulous Attention To Detail, that Une has noted I sometimes lack."

Heero had to make one more attempt at reason. "Leaving your note to me in the margin of our mission report wasn't exactly a best practice."

"Granted, but it also didn't warrant the public ass-chewing about attention to detail."
Personally, Heero thought Une had shown admirable restraint to 'she's sucking the air out of this briefing room even faster than in that cell on the moonbase,' but he wasn't going to argue the point.

"We're just demonstrating that I am indeed attentive to details. Even small ones in fine print in the Preventer Manual appendices. The requirements are clear - and I quote - 'badge photo must be taken onsite at HQ, and must demonstrate the Agent's professional character.' I never liked the photo on mine anyway."

"Yes, Lady Une?"
"Remove Maxwell and Yuy's access to the Preventer Canine Corps." Sighing to herself, Une knew this was a mere gesture. She pressed the intercom to speak with her personal assistant. "Get CorpComm and Legal to rewrite the ID photo requirements with compliments to Maxwell for being so attentive to the details." 

ETA: correcting a few typos that were physically hurting me.
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[PIC] Getting Late, Feeling Kinda Tired...

This pic is for corpus_yaoi, who commissioned an illustration of Heero and Duo reminiscent of the famous Annie Lebovitz photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I didn't want to totally just copy the photo over with Heero and Duo, so I sort of did it from another angle, all the while listening to the same three songs over and over. Maybe that's what gave it a sort of somber edge, but I kind of like that.

Ergh, I was really proud of Duo's face but I kind of messed up elsewhere in the pic, so it's a miracle I managed to save it... although I had to crop it a bit. Some of the colours were irrepairable though, because I only had chalk and white ink to fix any Copic errors. Yay for permanent traditional arts XD

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I've kind of smeared out all my commissions so I'm working on more than one at a time. Hopefully I'll be able to punch out some more soon. Ugh, it's pathetic how tired I've been lately. Maybe it was working almost twelve hours yesterday and then being out until like 3.30AM, but I slept most of today away and it's been making me crazy all evening D: Anyway, hopefully I'll have more things to post soon :)
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Bloody winged

[GW FF]Filling the heart with peace (Heero/Duo)

Filling the heart with peace
Author: bloody_winged
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Heero/Duo
Word Count: 3.247
Warnings: fluff mostly, some depressing thoughts, Heero’s POV, no beta
Summary: Heero just can’t stand to see Duo sad and has an idea how to make their lives meaningful once more.
Author’s Note: Yep, you’re seeing right. I actually went and wrote something while being more dead than alive. If this doesn’t make any sense or has a huge ton of mistakes, I’m sorry. However, I’ve wanted to write this for days now and as I went home today and realized it’s the 12.12.2010… well, I couldn’t not write it. I mean, how much more Heero/Duo can you get? >.> :P So… I hope you guys enjoy^^
Extra Note: Also? I just wrote this in not even two hours. I think that's something of a personal record... XD

Filling the heart with peace
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[PIC] Dosed

Oh man, I'm so happy I've been able to draw a lot of Gundam Wing lately!! I've been itching to for so long lately, but I haven't had the time. This is good because it'll get the ball rolling on all my other projects... though I wish I was an octopus so I could do like ten things at once!! Anyway, this was a commission for Mithra, who requested an ink drawing of Heero with headphones on. To me, Heero was always a kind of somber, thoughtful person, so this prompt allowed me to draw my favourite kind of melancholy Heero. The original drawing doesn't have the lyrics I pasted on the side, but I was madly listening to this song at the time (obviously), so I couldn't help myself because I am a giant loser and the song is one of my faves for Heero and Duo time. who didn't know i loved the red hot chili peppers, srsly?

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