Power of Equality

Yin loves Yang

...because Love is equal.
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A Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell-centric community. For anyone who believes in the equality of love.
Seme Duo? Uke Heero? Or maybe the other way around?

Seriously, how much does it really matter?

No matter what goes on in the bedroom, Heero and Duo aren't changing because of it. This is a community that focuses on the equality of their relationship, that equilibrium that makes them such a dynamic pair to begin with. Forget bastard semes and ukes who cry themselves to sleep in dark corners. It doesn't matter how you multiply 1 and 2; they'll always balance each other out. Find order in the chaos and travel the middle way: perfection.

Rules and Regulations:

We are a loving community, and as such, we expect you to be as well. We will not, under any circumstances, tolerate flaming, bashing or otherwise hateful behavior. This is a sure-fire way to get you booted from the community, so just don't do it, okay?

As a 1=2 community, we require all fics/art to have a 1=2 pairing. This means that regardless of the seme or uke in the story, Duo and Heero do not lose their identities, and the real importance of the fic/art is the relationship, not who is where in bed.

If you will be including other pairings, they must also have an equal relationship. We are all about equality here.

Please add proper labels to your fiction/art, especially when it comes to the ratings. Any and all sexually explicit material must be labeled appropriately!

No bastardization! OOC may be acceptable in some forms, but bastardization will NOT be allowed. Use common sense before posting please.

All fiction or artwork must be placed under an LJ cut regardless of length or size.

Remember, the main pairing should be 1=2. An occasional 3=4 is okay, as long as 1=2 is involved. Heero and Duo must be a couple.

Submission Guidelines:

Please include the title or your fic/art, theme (if there is one) and the main pairing involved in the header of your post, like so:

Title [Theme] ?=?

Please post your fiction or artwork using the following template:


(Text or picture under an LJ Cut)

Remember, this community is about the beauty of love, so have fun and celebrate equality!